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Evolution Cords are used by top tattooists all over the world. They offer the best quality, stable connection between your machine and power supply. Experience the full power of your favourite machine today.

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Evolution Cords

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From the very beginning of my tattoo career one of the things that frustrated me the most was the quality of my clip cord. I’m a musician so cables are something that I’ve spent half of my life putting all my faith in. The connection between the musician and his amplification is critical to performance. Cables in the music industry are tough little things, because they have to be. So I naturally expected the same thing from my first £25 clip cord.

I was a little bit surprised by what I received.

At the time for the most part the clip cord was a low quality product with substandard connectors the cheapest cable money could buy. It was very poorly constructed and I regularly broke. To add insult to injury they were also almost as expensive as a top quality guitar cable which seemed completely ridiculous to me.

So I started making clip cords for friends. One at a time, by hand in the studio at night after work.

I didn’t do anything particular groundbreaking.  All that I really did was instead of taking the cheapest components I could find to make a clip cord.  I chose most robust products I could find. Products that I had relied on for years on the road. I figured if musicians can’t break them then tattooists won’t be able to either.
Very quickly it became too much work for one person. I enlisted the help of my friend Adam and his company Designacable to mass produce them for me. Designacable specialise in cabling for the music industry where signal flow and the quality of connection is absolutely paramount. So I figured they’d be the perfect team to make Evolution Cords. And of course they were and still are.

The Tattoo World suffers from a lot of ‘copycats’. Tattoo products are no different.

 These days a lot of cables are ‘evo cords’. Same connectors, same cable, different name. But rather than make me angry that other companies have ‘ripped off’ my idea. It actually makes me very happy.
I didn’t invent the clip cord, I didn’t invent the cable and I didn’t invent the connectors. I was simply the first person to put them together and charge 25 quid for something that’s actually worth 25 quid.
Unlike 10 years ago. You the tattooist can now be sure that you’ll get a much better clip cord than I did back in the day.  And  you won’t have to create your own cable company to get one!
If Evolution Cords have any kind of legacy then it’s that their existence made the entire tattoo industry up its cable game. And that something I’m very proud of.


Road Worthy

Road Worthy – Guaranteed

You can trust your Evolution Cord to deliver, every time. I standby every cable we make. So much so that every evolution cord comes with a 1 year guarantee against manufacturing defects. How good are they? What I can tell you is that in the seven years I’ve  had the company we’ve replaced only a handful. And believe me, we sell a lot of cables.
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Handmade in the UK

Built By Humans

Every Evolution Cord  is made in exactly the same way that I made the original prototypes. By hand in the UK. We don’t cut any corners on the production. There are no moulded fits and no cheap press fits. Evolution Cords are old school, hand soldered cables.
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